Ashley Robinson, Living with Sickle Cell Disease & Pain

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Video Transcript for Ashley Robinson, Living with Sickle Cell Disease & Pain

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Video Excerpts

  • Advice to every doctor

  • Being in the hospital means home plan not working and hospital only option

  • Death you don't know if you'll be next

  • Does AA explain doctor behavior?

  • Everything changed, doctor not comfortable

  • How does it make you feel doctors don't feel comfortable?

  • How do you cope?

  • I think the doctors are afraid

  • I've experienced doctors who assume drug addiction

  • Last hospitalization for pain crisis

  • Mother advice

  • Mother childrens vs. adult care

  • Mother cope with helpless

  • Mother crises come out of nowhere

  • Mother explain role of race

  • Mother how do you explain nurse behavior

  • Mother last words

  • Mother my biggest fear

  • Mother nurse from day 1 what we do

  • Mother she was on 24 mg dilaudid and you want to give her a mg really

  • Mother they go on their trips and worry

  • Mother treat them with kindness

  • Mother what explains poor physician pain control for ss

  • Mother what role does being black play

  • Peds vs adult

  • SS and drug addiction

  • Unpredictable crises first age 6 or 7

  • What usually works then it all changed