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PallMed team members are a diverse group of professionals with expertise across many disciplines – medicine, business, communications, graphic arts, linguistics, website development and media services. All are committed to bringing forward the very best content to inform and engage you on the fundamental and essential topics vital to successful patient, family and caregiver outcomes.

PCIC Faculty

The Palliative Care Interdisciplinary Curriculum (PCIC) faculty is made up of experts across several healthcare systems who have joined together to create the latest state-of-the-art palliative care curriculum. Their common goal is to offer you essential information that is open-access, broadly accessible both domestically and internationally, and easy to update.

PCIC Translators

Many individuals from around the world have graciously volunteered their time and expertise to assist in the translation of the PCIC curriculum. All of the primary translations were accomplished by linguists at Amara, a project of the Participatory Culture Foundation, and were guided by in-country palliative care professionals. We sincerely thank them for such a wonderful contribution, and for their passion and commitment to join in our quest to advance palliative care globally.

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