Tata Residents "Taste" Course Faculty

  • Frank D. Ferris

    Frank D. Ferris

    PallMed Founder, PCIC LDI & IPMF Principal & Faculty, Ohio Health HPM Fellowship Associate Program Director

    Frank Ferris is known globally as a trailblazer, a visionary, and an innovator in palliative medicine, research, and education. Early during medical training, he recognized the need, joy, and profound satisfaction that came from being closer to patient treatment and outcomes than a radiology oncology career path offered. A chance encounter with a pharmacy rep just days after Frank devoured an issue of The Medical Clinics of North America set in motion a specialty in pain management and education that has transfor...

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  • Jayita Deodhar

    Jayita Deodhar

    Tata Residents "Taste" Course Faculty, ASCO Tata Palliative Care e-Course Co-Director

    Dr. Deodhar is particularly interested in clinical service enhancements, education and research in specialist Palliative Medicine in India. Her areas of interest are early palliative care in oncology, quality improvement and psychosocial palliative care. She has organized and spoken in various educational programmes in Palliative Medicine and Psycho-oncology and has published papers in these disciplines....

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  • Jessica Geiger

    Jessica E Geiger

    ASCO Tata Palliative Care e-Course Faculty

    Jessica Geiger was never afraid to take the harder road to end up in the right place. She would be a magician’s assistant, talented saxophonist, vet technician and serve in the Marine Corp before landing with solid footing in the pharmacy profession. And, as a chronic pain sufferer since the age of 14, Jessica understands better than most the frustration and unnecessary suffering that comes when pain is not believed or not managed well. Since herniated disks don’t typically happen to 14-year old’s, she was ...

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  • Sofia Bunge

    Sofia Bunge

    ASCO Tata Palliative Care e-Course Faculty

    A specialist in Palliative Medicine, Internal Medicine and Geriatrics, Dr. Sofia Bunge is an attending physician in the Palliative Care Unit, Tornú Hospital, Programa Argentino De Medicina Paliativa Fundacion Femeba (PAMP-FF) in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and at the Hospital de Oncología L Fortabat. She is the Director of the “Curso de Postgrado Interdisciplinario en Medicina Palliativa”, PAMP FF, Facultad Latinoamericana de Ciencias Sociales, FLACSO, and the Palliative Care online Courses developed by the PA...

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  • Nicolas Dawidowicz

    Nicolas Dawidowicz

    ASCO Tata Palliative Care e-Course Faculty

    After developing and managing a Palliative Care Team and a County PC Program during 8 years, Dr. Dawidowicz was appointed Head of the National Palliative Care Program, until November 2020. Advancing Palliative Care by assuring opioid availability, Palliative Care Educational Programs, international and local health policy and regulation are his main interests in order to achieve the vision that every patient in any place of the world should be guarantied the right to receive adequate Palliative Care assistan...

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