Spanish Translators

The in-country palliative professionals below have reviewed all of the translated material contained in PCIC. Their biosketches follow along with a list of modules and participants on each at the bottom of this page.
  • Agnes Calsina-Berna

    Agnès Calsina-Berna

    ASCO Tata Palliative Care e-Course Faculty

    Dr Agnès Calsina-Berna is a Palliative Care physician working at Institut Català d’Oncologia, in Barcelona. She is particularly focused in symptom control in advanced cancer patients, education and research in palliative care. She is one of the coordinators of a Masters in Palliative Medicine ICO-UVIC/UCC and she is teaching Palliative Medicine at University of Vic (Barcelona) for medical students....

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  • Demo Portrait

    Emma Verastegui

    PCIC Translator, Spanish Translator

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  • Demo Portrait

    Jesus Gonzalez Barboteo

    PCIC Translator, Spanish Translator

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  • Lilian R. Hidalgo

    IPMF Fellow

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  • Nicolas Dawidowicz

    Nicolas Dawidowicz

    ASCO Tata Palliative Care e-Course Faculty

    After developing and managing a Palliative Care Team and a County PC Program during 8 years, Dr. Dawidowicz was appointed Head of the National Palliative Care Program, until November 2020. Advancing Palliative Care by assuring opioid availability, Palliative Care Educational Programs, international and local health policy and regulation are his main interests in order to achieve the vision that every patient in any place of the world should be guarantied the right to receive adequate Palliative Care assistan...

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  • Demo Portrait

    Silvia Allende

    PCIC Translator, Spanish Translator

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  • Sofia Bunge

    Sofia Bunge

    ASCO Tata Palliative Care e-Course Faculty

    A specialist in Palliative Medicine, Internal Medicine and Geriatrics, Dr. Sofia Bunge is an attending physician in the Palliative Care Unit, Tornú Hospital, Programa Argentino De Medicina Paliativa Fundacion Femeba (PAMP-FF) in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and at the Hospital de Oncología L Fortabat. She is the Director of the “Curso de Postgrado Interdisciplinario en Medicina Palliativa”, PAMP FF, Facultad Latinoamericana de Ciencias Sociales, FLACSO, and the Palliative Care online Courses developed by the PA...

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