PallMed Team Members

PallMed team members are a diverse group of professionals with expertise across many disciplines – medicine, business, communications, graphic arts, linguistics, website development and media services. All are committed to bringing forward the very best content to inform and engage you on the fundamental and essential topics vital to successful patient, family and caregiver outcomes.

  • Frank D. Ferris

    Frank D. Ferris

    PallMed Founder, PCIC LDI & IPMF Principal & Faculty, Ohio Health HPM Fellowship Associate Program Director

    Frank Ferris is known globally as a trailblazer, a visionary, and an innovator in palliative medicine, research, and education. Early during medical training, he recognized the need, joy, and profound satisfaction that came from being closer to patient treatment and outcomes than a radiology oncology career path offered. A chance encounter with a pharmacy rep just days after Frank devoured an issue of The Medical Clinics of North America set in motion a specialty in pain management and education that has transfor...

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  • Margie Hiermer

    Margie Hiermer

    PallMed / PCIC Program Manager

    Margie Hiermer’s love of adventure and bicycling came from the many rides down to Goldhardt’s Grocery as a child to connect with Leona “Loany” Rice, a woman more grandmother than grand-aunt. Margie thrives engaging with others and brings that passion to the teams she leads to deliver exceptional client value and satisfaction. Her career as a senior leader and program manager spans over 30 years with and in a variety of organizations – from Fortune 50 and small entrepreneurial business – to govern...

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  • Sydni Howard

    Sydni Howard

    PCIC Project Manager & Faculty

    Sydni N. Howard believes the key to success lies in the details; any detail whether it be business, personal or fashion. She has a passion for community work focusing on educating youth on self-esteem and college preparation. As a child, Sydni dreamed of being a lawyer and impacting people’s lives by focusing on civil rights. Never did she imagine creating global health education, focused on hospice and palliative care. Now, after caring for her mother through her cancer journey and having learned so much about...

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  • Glen Draeger

    PallMed Web Developer

    Glen Draeger started his working career as a high school teacher in 1981. After four years he moved to South Lake Tahoe to read and write, eventually returning to San Diego to work in the delivery industry for 17 years. After getting laid off he went back to college to learn web development, something he had been experimenting with for a number of years after the internet became popular. In 2006 Glen started Sweet Thursday Web Development and has not looked back. After getting a couple of initial clients from int...

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  • Jim Staylor

    Jim Staylor

    PCIC Video Producer

    Jim Staylor is an award-winning video producer and president of Staylor-Made Communications, Inc. Like a maestro, he assembles the best players, gathers the right instruments or tools, then orchestrates concerted efforts to design, develop, and deliver excellence in media. From Toronto to Tijuana, and Beaverton to Boston, Jim and his team help well-known organizations in a variety of industries use moving messages to make audiences think, feel, and take action. Jim has worked in front of the camera/microph...

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  • Luke Jungers

    Luke Jungers

    PCIC Assistant Video Producer & Editor

    Luke Jungers was born in La Mesa, California, and has been interested in the audio, visual and graphics industry his entire life, and has been working as a cameraman, audio engineer and editor for the past twenty years. He has worked for Disney, Discovery, Twentieth Century Fox and Comic Con International. His most recent work besides "American Socialist" was "A Letter to Wedgewood", also with Yale Strom. He currently lives in the San Diego area....

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  • Ron Cameron-Lewis

    Ron Cameron-Lewis

    LDI & PCIC Media Consultant

    Teacher, adjudicator, writer and communications consultant, Ron is well-known throughout Canada and the USA. He taught acting for stage and media for 47 years at Sheridan College. Concurrently, he began private coaching to help presenters develop their vocal and personal skills for public speaking. Working as vocal coach with CTV photojournalists, CBC-TV and radio, he branched into distance education, telecommunication, on-camera coaching, use of teleprompters, and preparing oneself for interviews in TV studio se...

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  • Jeremy Slagle

    Jeremy Slagle

    PCIC Graphic Designer

    Jeremy Slagle always knew he’d become a designer someday. As a kid, he drew everything and anything he could think of, hung out with the designers at the advertising agency where his mom worked, and constantly took things apart to better understand them. Always looking for new ways to solve problems, Jeremy was the kid and then adult, who people turn to when they need help expressing themselves and their ideas graphically. Today, as the principal of his own firm, Jeremy puts his insatiable curiosity to wo...

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  • Jenny Lam-Chowdhury

    Jenny Lam-Chowdhury

    PCIC Translation Consultant

    Jenny is responsible for making sure that all professional closed captions and subtitle localization projects have a smooth workflow from intake to delivery, and meet their market and localization needs. She's committed to the growth and continued improvement of the Amara On Demand team dedicated to translate and localize a great variety of audiovisual content online in order to make them accessible to more people around the world. ...

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  • Marília Correia

    Marília Correia

    PCIC Translation Consultant

    Marília Correia leads Amara On Demand efforts in Daily Operations, taking care of clients that come are looking for a solution to their subtitling needs, along with the support of a well-trained and dedicated team of Project Managers. She's committed to the overall growth of Amara On Demand and Amara's mission to foster a media ecosystem that enables everyone to benefit from online video content. Marilia lives in her hometown of Recife, Brazil, and is passionate about creating a more inclusive world through subt...

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