OMI Fellow

  • Aleksandra Karapetyan

    Aleksandra Karapetyan

    OMI Fellow Yerevan, Armenia

    Aleksandra A. Karapetyan is a Senior Lecturer at the department of the Family Medicine of the Yerevan State Medical University, the primary medical institution in Armenia. She is also a team member of interdisciplinary group within the university, including anesthesiologists, pediatricians, neurologists, social medicine specialists and psychologists, creating the educational curricula for the both medical students and doctors-in-trainings in Palliative Care. She started practical work as Family Doctor within he...

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  • Anila Sinani

    Anila Sinani

    OMI Fellow Tirana, Albania

    I am a General Physician. I graduated on 2018 from the University of Medicine in Tirana, Albania. My begginings at the palliative care service were truly surprising for me. I started an Internship in Ryder Albania ,at his headquarters in Tirana where I worked as a volunteer. It was my first experience as a Physician , very special and also different from what I had experienced before during College and practices in hospitals. Since March 2020 I am part of the staff Of Ryder Albania as a General Physician....

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  • Armen Hovasapian

    Armen Hovasapian

    OMI Fellow Yerevan & Masis, Armenia

    After working for about 18 years as Family physician in rural areas and Yerevan, ambulance doctor, and completing a one and half year of residency in Dermatology, Armen Hovasapian finally opted for palliative care as his final destination in medicine. He thinks that palliative medicine is different from all other medical specialties by being more of a philosophy, where you apply accumulated medical knowledge and experience in mitigating the sufferings of terminal patients. He finds satisfaction and fulfillment in...

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  • Asta Mastaviciute

    Asta Mastavičiūtė

    OMI Fellow Vilnius, Lithuania

    Dr Mastavičiūtė graduated from Vilnius University and specialized in Family Medicine and Geriatric Medicine. She was trained in the England (Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust Queen's Medical Centre). She has the ambitious goal to develop palliative care locally through research and clinical care. She tries to introduce palliative care education as a mandatory part of geriatric medicine training program. She is an Assistant Professor at Vilnius University, where she teaches medical and rehabilitation st...

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  • Demo Portrait

    Bakyt Shaimbetov

    OMI Fellow Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan

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  • Dilshod Egamberdiev

    Dilshod Egamberdiev

    OMI Fellow Tashkent, Uzbekistan

    Dilshod Egamberdiyev is one of the frontiers in cancer control development in Uzbekistan. The term of palliative care and hospices were firstly highlighted in normative documents of Uzbekistan in presidential decree # 2866 “Further development of oncological sphere and enhancing cancer care for the people of Uzbekistan”. Since palliative care is something new, Uzbekistan is repeating the loop of history, where oncologists lobby the palliative and hospice care....

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  • Dmytro Dmytriiev

    Dmytro Dmytriiev

    OMI Fellow Vinnitsa, Ukraine

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  • Elena Neko

    Elena Neko

    OMI Fellow Korce, Albania

    Dr. Elena is a general doctor. She completed her medical degree at Tirana University in 2018. She had a volunteer Internship in the 'Mary Potter' Pallaitive Care in Korca, Albania. There she was introduced to another aspect of medicine that she did not know before. She was fascinated by palliative medicine. From then on she worked at 'Mary Potter' Palliative Care. Participation in Salzburg Seminar will give her the opportunity to develop further professionally and to deepen her knowledge of palliative medicine....

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  • Elene Dolmazashvili

    Elene Dolmazashvili

    OMI Fellow Tbilisi, Georgia

    I have always loved helping people, even when I could not see myself as a doctor. It gave me the feeling of satisfaction and made me feel like I could make a difference. And now, by becoming a doctor, I can take away the pain and sufferings of others and give them the medical treatment and care they deserve. To tell the truth I did not know much about palliative care until I became a resident in oncology department. And now I see the patients that require palliative care every single day and realize how much we l...

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  • Elvin Ibrahimov

    Elvin Ibrahimov

    OMI Fellow Baku, Azerbaijan

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  • Gerla Koleci

    Gerla Koleci

    OMI Fellow Korce, Albania

    Gerla Koleci is the hematologist and has worked as home care doctor in Palliative Care Service since 2004. Recognizing very well the organization of primary healthcare structures, she became familiar with home-based service as she was the head of home-care services at “MaryPotter” Palliative Care Center , Korca, Albania, ever since. Gerla has worked hard as part of the staff, for the dissemination of PC throughout Albania, for the development of PC services and also for the education of future generations of ...

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  • Hana Petrovová

    Hana Petrovová

    OMI Fellow Brno, Czech Republic

    Dr. Petrovová started in field of palliative medicine more than five years ago in an inpatient hospice in Brno. Her next work experience was in a home hospice and nowadays she works in the Centre for Palliative Care Brno. Except of this position in palliative medicine, she is also a primary care physician, who care about patients in several nursing homes. She finds her work with patients and their families very enriching. She enjoys work in multidisciplinary team a lot....

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  • Iulia P. Bora

    Iulia Bora

    OMI Fellow Roman, Romania

    Iulia Bora is known as a promoter of palliative care services in Neamt County, in the north-eastern area of Romania. Her name is related with education in schools of nurses and in Roman Emergency Hospital in best practices in nursing. Moreover, she managed to be involved in a fundraising for developing a modern unit of palliative care at this hospital. For about 20 years, her name was linked to general practice in this area, but she used to practice discreetly palliative medicine faraway from Roman, in Palimed Ho...

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  • Joana Prifti

    Joana Prifti

    OMI Fellow Fier, Albania

    Joana is a young General Physician. She has finished her studies at Medical University of Tirana , where she conducted research on thyroidal gland diseases, ”The indications for surgical treatment in thyroidal gland diseases. Preoperative evaluation of patients.'' at the Mother Teresa hospital. During her studies, she volunteered as a General Surgeon assistant and as an Emergency Doctor in Albania. Additionally, she has worked as an audiometric and audiology technician. Currently, she is working as a Family Doc...

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  • Khakimova Gulnoz Khakimova

    Khakimova Gulnoz Khakimova

    OMI Fellow Tashkent, Uzbekistan

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  • Ladislav Kabelka

    Ladislav Kabelka

    OMI Fellow Trebic, Czech Republic

    I have devoted my professional life to the care of the seriously chronically ill. Geriatrics became my basic field, in which I specialized in the field of frailty syndrome and dementology. I have been profiling and educating in Palliative Medicine since 2002, wmy colleague doctor Slama we founded the field (Palliative Medicine and Pain Treatment) in 2005, and (I already as the chairman of Czech Society t for Palliative Medicine, founded 2009) we transferred it to a separate form of the field after the department ...

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  • Lenche Kostadinova

    Lenche Kostadinova

    OMI Fellow Skopje, North Macedonia

    Lenche Kostadinova is medical doctor, specialized in the field of radiation oncology with special interest of head and neck region cancers. As a chief od Head and Neck Cancer department she is strongly committed to cancer patients who need modern oncology therapy and palliative care providing them with good professional health and palliative care....

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  • Lucie Dolanska

    Lucie Dolanska

    OMI Fellow Ostrava, Czech Republic

    Lucie is a Geriatrician and a General Physician. She finished her studies at Medical Faculty at Palacký University in Olomouc in 2011.  Currently, she is working as a General Physician and a Geriatrician. She takes care of acute and chronic patients, solves emergency cases, do health check ups. She takes care of patients with dementia, frailty syndrom and patients that require outpatient palliative care. She knows how important is to provide an appropriate medical treatment according to the latest news....

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  • Mariana Vasilciu

    Mariana Vasilciu

    OMI Fellow Brasov, Romania

    After working almost 25 years as a Medical Oncologist, I suddenly realized that the most important thing in a patient life, when curative treatments don’t work anymore, is the quality of life. This is the period of the patients’ life which I would like to address all my efforts and my knowledge, in order to improve the outcome of medical care that we offer, to make things better for them, in all the aspects of their life, physical, social, psycho-emotional and spiritual. That’s why I wanted to attend this S...

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  • Marina Calamac

    Marina Calamac

    OMI Fellow Belgrade, Serbia

    Dr. Marina Calamac has held a medical degree from the Medical School, University of Belgrade, Serbia since 2017. She had been volunteering at the Department of Supportive and Palliative care at the Institute for Oncology and Radiology of Serbia in Belgrade from May 2018 to March 2019, when she was permanently employed at the Daily Hospital Care at the same institution. She is committed to provide care that enables patients to live longer and better by integrating the patient-oriented supportive/palliative care an...

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  • Miroslav Žiaran

    Miroslav Žiaran

    OMI Fellow Pardubice, Czech Republic

    After obtaining a medical degree in 2015, I started working in inpatient oncological care at Teaching Hospital Hradec Králové, Czech Republic. Due to a lack of general hospital-wide palliative care concept at that time, the responsibility to guide terminally ill oncological patients laid with inexperienced junior doctors. Therefore, I recognized the need for an early integration of palliative care soon after I began my career. Moreover, to do my job professionally, I had to educate myself and adopt trial-error ...

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  • Mohamed Hablas

    Mohamed A. Hablas

    OMI Fellow Tanta, Egypt

    Dr. Hablas is a Consultant of Clinical Oncology at the Gharbia Cancer Society in Tanta, Egypt. Previously, Dr. Hablas was a Specialist of Medical Oncology at Tanta Cancer Center and Tanta University in Tanta, Egypt. Dr. Hablas is interested in further expanding the Palliative Care Unit at Gharbia Cancer Society to serve Egypt’s Nile River Delta. Dr. Hablas is currently PhD palliative care student at Lancaster University – UK....

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  • Nigora Abidjanova

    Nigora Abidjanova

    OMI Fellow Dushanbe, Tajikistan

    Nigora Abidjanova is known as a public health specialist with extensive experience on strategy development, facilitating, programming, research and monitoring and evaluation. Her first step in the health sector started from hygiene promotion, first aid program, drug relief distribution, prevention of the water born diseases and further expansion of her interest included palliative care, migration, harm reduction and drug demand reduction issues / HIV-related behavior change communication and services for the sele...

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  • Nino Khupenia

    Nino Khupenia

    OMI Fellow Tbilisi, Georgia

    I am the clinical oncologist since 2014. I am currently working in the clinic LTD “Multiprofile Clinic Consilium Medulla” and I have a subspecialty in palliative care. Medicine -has always been my dream speciality. Today, I take care of oncology patients- some of them count the days of their lives and caring for them is a huge responsibility for me. My goal is to cure them, or in incurable cases - lighten every minute of their lives. Oncology is a big challenge in medicine and I'm very happy to be the part of...

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  • Pati Dzotsenidze

    Pati Dzotsenidze

    OMI Fellow Tbilisi, Georgia

    Pati Dzotesenidze, after graduating Medical University, did a residency program specializing in Neurology. Later she undertook Postgraduate Training Programs, in particular, in chemotherapy at the National Center of Oncology. Working as neurologist and neuro - oncologist in 1995-2004, she had often feeling that providing only disease directed treatment isn’t enough and something must be done to fill the gaps in care and relationship with patients. In that period, she had just vague idea about Palliative care. L...

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  • Pavel Svoboda

    Pavel Svoboda

    OMI Fellow Trebc, Czech Republic

    After graduating university, I began to work as a physician at Anesthesiology and Intensive care department. I learnt – beside others – how to treat pain and other symptoms in acute settings. And how (and when) to be invasive. After ten years of working there I felt a great tension. We were able to help substantial part of our patients in ICU settings, but the majority were people that we were not able to help them (or unable to help them enough). Intensive care was not good enough for them. It brought to man...

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  • Pavlo Kolesnyk

    Pavlo Kolesnyk

    OMI Fellow Uzhgorod, Ukraine

    My practice as a Family Doctor and as a Trainer of Family Doctors has started from the zero point of this new for our country branch of medicine more then 11 years ago. Since that time, the Family Medicine practice due to my activities in the clinic of Family Medicine of our town became very popular among the residents of my town. Our clinic patronizes more then 15 thousand people of every age. Besides, due to my activities it became a Training Centre for the Family Doctors. As Family Medicine in our country is o...

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  • Riabova Liubov

    Riabova Liubov

    OMI Fellow Rivne, Ukraine

    Doctor coordinator of palliative care in Municipal institution "Primary care center" Central "of the Rivne City Council,provide consultations to palliative patients, organize work in the palliative care center for medical workers. Training of health professionals in palliative care, lecturing on "basics of palliative care and hospice care". ...

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  • Romans Galuza

    Romans Galuza

    OMI Fellow Liepaja, Latvia

    I was working in our hospital’s outpatient department as internist, then I was working in infections department and in narcology department. For a long time I work at Emergencies. So I know the different aspects of palliative needs in patients with different pathologies, and I’ve seen, that they often unnecessary comes to Emergencies – their problems are mostly connected with moments, where Palliative care at home can come in and help. Now I would start to work in Palliative care unit with mobile team, whic...

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  • Salome Kordzaia

    Salome Kordzaia

    OMI Fellow Tbilisi, Georgia

    I wanted to become a doctor as far as I can remember myself. Now and then, I always feel satisfaction, when I care for the patient. Since childhood, I could hear a lot about palliative care and its importance for patients, as my parents were actively working for PC development in our country. Of course I could not realize it then, but this information was always there, in my subconscious. Now, when I actively participate in management of oncological patients, I vividly see how important it is to include palliativ...

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  • Saten Hovhannisyan

    Saten Hovhannisyan

    OMI Fellow Yerevan, Armenia

    Dr. Hovhannisyan is a third year resident of pediatric oncology and hematology and graduate Master of Public Health Program of American University of Armenia. She worked at Yerevan State Medical University, Department of Development as a Senior Specialist and Research Assistant at Center for Health Services Research and Development (CHSR), American University of Armenia. As a young physician, she actively participates in clinical work at Department of Pediatric Oncology and Pediatric Hematology, continuous traini...

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  • Shushan Hovsepyan

    Shushan Hovsepyan

    OMI Fellow Yerevan, Armenia

    Being a pediatric oncologist for me is not only a job, it is a lifestyle. Here, every cancer cell has its own authority, and I want to discover and learn as much pathology and pathophysiology as cancer cells know. I have decided to become a pediatric oncologist due to my oncology professor, Dr. Tamamyan. Due to him, I have started to write abstracts, work on research papers. I became keen to learn more and more day by day. The second reason for my decision was the ESMO-ESO Courses on Medical Oncology for medical ...

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  • Ullie de Saint-Quentin

    Ullie de Saint-Quentin

    OMI Fellow Salzburg, Austria

    After many years outside Austria, I continue working as a pediatrician with specialist interest in pediatric palliative care at the University Hospital of Salzburg, my home town. The main domain of work is the busy pediatric emergency department where I care for acutely ill children. My scope of work includes assessment, diagnosis, setting up treatment plans, admission of children to the wards including ICU. I supervise and teach junior doctors in the ED....

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  • Xhovana Kane

    Xhovana Kane

    OMI Fellow Fier, Albania

    Xhovana is a young General Physician. She has finished her studies at Medical University of Tirana, where she conducted research on Headache in Call Center Employees: An Occupational Disease.During her studies,she volunteered as an Emergency Doctor in Albania. Currently, she is working on Family Medicine Department as a Family Doctor since February 2018.She is also the Director of Health Centre. Work there requires taking care of acute and chronic patients, adults and children of all ages and also the emerge...

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  • Yelena Khegay

    Yelena Khegay

    OMI Fellow Almaty, Kazakhstan

    Yelena Khegay is a family physician from Kazakhstan. She graduated from Kazakh National Medical University in 2007 with honors, and completed her 2-year GP residency program in 2010. For several years she has worked as a Project Coordinator, and later as a Study Investigator at Kazakhstan Association of Family Physicians (KAFP). Since 2014 Yelena is back to clinical practice and has been working as a general practitioner and a Teaching Assistant at a postgraduate family medicine faculty. She has earned her MPH De...

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  • Yelyzaveta Plechysta

    Yelyzaveta Plechysta

    OMI Fellow Kyiv, Ukraine

    After graduating National Medical University named after O.O.Bogomoltsa university, I began to work as a physician at Anesthesiology and Intensive care department. All practice has been oriented on manage pain and other symptoms in acute settings. But later came understanding that palliative patients need different way to be treated. It was time to reorganize understanding and pay more attention to chronic pain management. Being a part of palliative care gave understanding and helped to find the best way to under...

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  • Klitsunova Yuliia

    Yuliia Klitsunova

    OMI Fellow Kharkiv, Ukraine

    I am a Senior Lecturer at the department of the Family Medicine of the Zaporizhzhia Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education” and I am working as Family physician for about 15 years and as Family physician I see oncological patients that require palliative care every single day, in my country GPs must treat palliative patients and can prescribe opioid analgesics.  I want to help my patients, I am very sympathetic to my patients and sincerely want to help them, but I am not very experienced in managing palliat...

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  • Zurab Kapanadze

    Zurab Kapanadze

    OMI Fellow Tbilisi, Georgia

    I am Zurab Kapanadze - oncologist, onco-surgeon and specialist in pain management and palliative care from Georgia. I can not even remember at what age I wanted to be a doctor, maybe this desire has been following me from the very childhood, from the moment I started to think. At first,I had a great interest in all living things, then it became more tangible all around me: I started collecting various insects and creating a collection just like I was taught in zoology lessons. Afterwards, I started studying biolo...

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