Columbus Conspiracy Fellowship Faculty

  • Sara Graham

    Sara Graham

    OhioHealth HPM Fellowship Program Director

    Sara Graham never would have guessed when she started medicine that she would end up specializing in palliative medicine. What started as a love for pediatrics and caring for young patients progressed over her education to a love of caring for everyone, especially the elderly and patients nearing the end of their life. She prides herself in caring for the whole patient, using her osteopathic and acupuncture training to provide care based on the biopsychosocial model of care....

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  • Demo Portrait

    Erin Scott

    The Ohio State University HPM Fellowship Program Director

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  • Lisa Humphrey

    Lisa Humphrey

    PCIC Principal & Faculty, Nationwide Children’s Hospital HPM Fellowship Program Director

    Lisa Humphrey did not pick pediatric palliative care early on in her career, but it certainly picked her. At every turn, well-placed angel mentors recognized her potential fit and impact and gently adjusted her trajectory into a career and calling that now defines, energizes, and completes her. She is humbled to see grace in action every single day by the countless parents who carry the weight of the world as they wrestle good parenting with making the best decisions possible for a child facing a life-threat...

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  • Frank D. Ferris

    Frank D. Ferris

    PallMed Founder, PCIC LDI & IPMF Principal & Faculty, Ohio Health HPM Fellowship Associate Program Director

    Frank Ferris is known globally as a trailblazer, a visionary, and an innovator in palliative medicine, research, and education. Early during medical training, he recognized the need, joy, and profound satisfaction that came from being closer to patient treatment and outcomes than a radiology oncology career path offered. A chance encounter with a pharmacy rep just days after Frank devoured an issue of The Medical Clinics of North America set in motion a specialty in pain management and education that has transfor...

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  • Jessica Geiger

    Jessica E Geiger

    ASCO Tata Palliative Care e-Course Faculty

    Jessica Geiger was never afraid to take the harder road to end up in the right place. She would be a magician’s assistant, talented saxophonist, vet technician and serve in the Marine Corp before landing with solid footing in the pharmacy profession. And, as a chronic pain sufferer since the age of 14, Jessica understands better than most the frustration and unnecessary suffering that comes when pain is not believed or not managed well. Since herniated disks don’t typically happen to 14-year old’s, she was ...

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  • Jillian Gustin

    Jillian Gustin

    PCIC Principal & Faculty, HPM Fellowship Program Faculty

    Jillian Gustin is a palliative medicine specialist focusing on supporting patients and their families who are facing serious illnesses such as cancer. She is an expert in symptom management and communication related to advance care planning and goals of care. Jillian believes her job as a provider is to alleviate suffering and promote quality of life for any patient regardless of age or stage of disease. She considers it an honor to care for patients and their families when they are often at their most vulnerable...

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  • Natalie Jacobowski

    Natalie Jacobowski

    PCIC Faculty, HPM Fellowship Program Faculty

    Dr. Jacobowski is trained in adult psychiatry, child and adolescent psychiatry, and hospice and palliative medicine. She clinically practices both pediatric palliative care and consult-liaison psychiatry with a focus on psycho-oncology for children, adolescents, and young-adults and pediatric palliative psychiatry. She has clinical and research interest in the recognition, assessment, and treatment in treatment of psychiatric symptoms in palliative care as well as the unique psychiatric and palliative care needs ...

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  • Alice Bass

    Alice Bass

    Columbus Conspiracy Fellowhip Faculty

    Alice Bass, MSN, APRN, CPNP-PC, is a pediatric nurse practitioner with the Advanced Illness Management (AIM) team at Nationwide Children's. Alice received her BA from Miami University, Oxford, Ohio and her MSN from Boston College, Chestnut Hill, MA. She holds a sub-specialty in pediatric palliative care through her MSN program and is board certified as a pediatric nurse practitioner - primary care through PNCB....

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  • Kate Dean-Haidet with her harp

    Kate Dean-Haidet

    Columbus Conspiracy Fellowhip Faculty, Taste of Palliative Medicine Course Faculty

    Kate is a board-certified nurse psychotherapist, educator, and researcher with expertise in grief, loss, and mourning. She is keenly interested in cultural-religious beliefs and ritual around death. She is currently researching issues of clinician quality of life, moral distress, and resilience in palliative care. Kate is an advocate for using the arts and humanities to enhance spiritual care of the dying....

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  • Justin G. Kullgren

    Justin G. Kullgren

    Columbus Conspiracy Fellowhip Faculty

    Justin enjoys working with nurses, physicians, and other palliative interdisciplinary team members on pain and symptom management, prevention and treatment of adverse drug events, medication dosing, and monitoring and disease state management. He has provided numerous continuing education presentations to nurses, palliative care trainees, pharmacists, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, and physicians....

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  • Bethany J. Lockwood

    Bethany J. Lockwood

    Columbus Conspiracy Fellowhip Faculty

    Dr. Lockwood has a specialized clinical and research interest in the unique palliative care needs of adolescents and young adults (AYA) facing life-limiting illness. As an educator, she is also passionate about improving medical trainees’ communication skills, and mentoring combined clinicians who care for all ages, further bridging our pediatric and adult worlds....

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  • Demo Portrait

    Kavitha Norton

    Columbus Conspiracy Fellowhip Faculty

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  • Kyle Quirk

    Kyle Quirk

    Columbus Conspiracy Fellowhip Faculty

    In his current practice, Kyle consults with nurses, physicians, and other palliative interdisciplinary team members on pain and symptom management, prevention and treatment of adverse drug events, medication dosing and monitoring, and disease state management. Kyle’s practice interests include pain and symptom management, substance use disorder, drug policy, and spreading the gospel of buprenorphine....

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  • Demo Portrait

    Steven Smith

    Columbus Conspiracy Fellowhip Faculty

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  • Natalie Truba

    Natalie Truba

    Columbus Conspiracy Fellowhip Faculty

    Dr. Truba’s primary interest relate to caring for the emotional/mental/cognitive well-being, behavioral health functioning and familial functioning of children diagnosed with complex medical conditions. ...

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  • Sharla Wells-Di Gregoria

    Sharla Wells-Di Gregorio

    Columbus Conspiracy Fellowhip Faculty

    Dr. Wells-Di Gregorio is a clinical psychologist specializing in psychosocial oncology and palliative medicine. Her clinical and research work focused on translating psychological symptom management interventions for patients living with advanced disease. She provides education and supervision focused on the psychosocial aspects of communication with patients with serious illness....

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