ASCO Tata Palliative Care e-Course Faculty & Staff

  • Frank D. Ferris

    Frank D. Ferris

    PallMed Founder, PCIC LDI & IPMF Principal & Faculty, Ohio Health HPM Fellowship Associate Program Director

    Frank Ferris is known globally as a trailblazer, a visionary, and an innovator in palliative medicine, research, and education. Early during medical training, he recognized the need, joy, and profound satisfaction that came from being closer to patient treatment and outcomes than a radiology oncology career path offered. A chance encounter with a pharmacy rep just days after Frank devoured an issue of The Medical Clinics of North America set in motion a specialty in pain management and education that has transfor...

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  • Jayita Deodhar

    Jayita Deodhar

    Tata Residents "Taste" Course Faculty, ASCO Tata Palliative Care e-Course Co-Director

    Dr. Deodhar is particularly interested in clinical service enhancements, education and research in specialist Palliative Medicine in India. Her areas of interest are early palliative care in oncology, quality improvement and psychosocial palliative care. She has organized and spoken in various educational programmes in Palliative Medicine and Psycho-oncology and has published papers in these disciplines....

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  • Vanessa Eatorn

    Vanessa Eaton

    ASCO Tata Palliative Care e-Course Staff

    Vanessa has 15 years of experience working with ASCO international programs. Her work has focused on education program development, implementation, evaluation, and assessment, for medical professionals practicing outside of the United States. Educational offerings focus on improving care delivery in palliative care, multidisciplinary cancer management, primary health, as well as clinical research and leadership development....

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  • Agnes Calsina-Berna

    Agnès Calsina-Berna

    ASCO Tata Palliative Care e-Course Faculty

    Dr Agnès Calsina-Berna is a Palliative Care physician working at Institut Català d’Oncologia, in Barcelona. She is particularly focused in symptom control in advanced cancer patients, education and research in palliative care. She is one of the coordinators of a Masters in Palliative Medicine ICO-UVIC/UCC and she is teaching Palliative Medicine at University of Vic (Barcelona) for medical students....

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  • Allison Wolfe

    Allison Wolfe

    ASCO Tata Palliative Care e-Course Faculty

    Allison Wolfe is a board-certified physician in Internal Medicine (2015) and Hospice and Palliative Medicine (2016). She is an Assistant Professor at the University of Colorado. She practiced both disciplines at the University of Colorado from September 2016 to July 2021 and now only practices Palliative Medicine. She has experience in facilitating family meetings, managing complex symptoms, and coordinating care in the inpatient setting in her Palliative Care practice. She regularly teaches medical students,...

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  • Alyssa E. Tilly

    Alyssa E. Tilly

    ASCO Tata Palliative Care e-Course Faculty

    Dr. Tilly is primarily interested in advancing global palliative care by developing evidence-based strategies to support the expansion and development of necessary palliative care clinical and educational services. Her research work is centered on global oncology palliative care....

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  • Frank Amos Bailey

    Frank Amos Bailey

    ASCO Tata Palliative Care e-Course Faculty

    Amos Bailey MD is particularly interested in development of online robust Palliative Care and Palliative Medicine Education program. He has led the development of the Interdisciplinary MS in Palliative at the University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus as well as the first in the nation non-residential HPM Fellowship that can lead to Board Certification. The Coursera MOOC Palliative Care: It’s not Just Hospice Anymore is a Specialization in Primary Palliative Care that has been used internationally....

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  • Anjum S Khan Joad, MD, DNB, MNAMS, GPC

    Anjum S Khan Joad

    ASCO Tata Palliative Care e-Course Faculty

    Dr. Anjum Joad is a leading expert in palliative care in the State of Rajasthan, India. She established the state's first comprehensive palliative care center. Subsequently, she has been a leader in many different education, research, and advocacy initiatives focusing on symptom control, standards for palliative care, and end-of-life care....

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  • Anuja Damani

    Anuja Damani

    ASCO Tata Palliative Care e-Course Faculty

    Dr. Damani is passionate about improving the awareness, access and integration of palliative care in India. Her particular areas of interest are improving access to effective pain relief, research and evidence-based practice of palliative medicine....

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  • Avinash Tiwari

    Avinash Tiwari

    ASCO Tata Palliative Care e-Course Faculty

    Dr Avinash is first specialist palliative care physician of his region, particularly in advocacy of palliative care with education ,research and training of health care professionals, the other key area of interest are EOLC, Palliative care in Sickle Cell Disease and ESRD....

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  • Eric Roeland

    Eric Roeland

    ASCO Tata Palliative Care e-Course Faculty & Staff

    Eric Roeland, MD, is a medical oncologist and palliative care specialist. His clinical practice focuses on caring for patients with melanoma and patients with cancer participating in early phase clinical trials. Dr. Roeland’s research focuses on symptom science to improve treatment tolerance and quality of life of patients with symptomatic cancer by identifying, validating, and expanding pharmacologic interventions. Dr. Roeland is a proud husband and father of three children. Outside of work, he prioritizes tim...

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  • Gayatri Palat

    Gayatri Palat

    ASCO Tata Palliative Care e-Course Faculty

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  • Ishwaria M Subbiah

    Ishwaria M Subbiah

    ASCO Tata Palliative Care e-Course Faculty

    Dr. Ishwaria Subbiah is a Palliative Care physician and medical oncologist in the Department of Palliative, Rehabilitation, and Integrative Medicine in the Division of Cancer Medicine at MD Anderson Cancer Center. Dr. Subbiah is uniquely qualified for this role, having completed 3 clinical fellowships at MD Anderson first in developmental therapeutics, then in Medical Oncology and most recently in Palliative Medicine. With this robust foundation in phase I and II clinical trial design, novel therapeutics includi...

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  • Portrait of Janet Abrahm, MD. Photo by Sam Ogden.

    Janet Abrahm

    ASCO Tata Palliative Care e-Course Faculty

    Dr. Abrahm’s teaching and research concentration within palliative care is pain and symptom management of patients with cancer. The fourth edition of her book, Comprehensive Supportive and Palliative Care for Cancer Patients (formerly titled A Physician’s Guide to Pain and Symptom Management in Cancer Patients) will be published in 2022 by Johns Hopkins University Press. She and Jessica Goldhirsch, MSW, LCSW have been working for several years with medical interpreters at Brigham and Women’s Hospital and th...

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  • Jessica Geiger

    Jessica E Geiger

    ASCO Tata Palliative Care e-Course Faculty

    Jessica Geiger was never afraid to take the harder road to end up in the right place. She would be a magician’s assistant, talented saxophonist, vet technician and serve in the Marine Corp before landing with solid footing in the pharmacy profession. And, as a chronic pain sufferer since the age of 14, Jessica understands better than most the frustration and unnecessary suffering that comes when pain is not believed or not managed well. Since herniated disks don’t typically happen to 14-year old’s, she was ...

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  • Joe El Khoury

    Joe El-Khoury

    ASCO Tata Palliative Care e-Course Faculty

    Dr El Khoury was drawn to Palliative Care after he discovered how powerful and underused the available tools are and how much they can change the experience of the disease and its impact on the whole family. He is particularly interested in providing care and support not only to the patients but also to their families who live through the different stages of their loved ones’ illness and have to deal with loss and grief....

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  • Kabindra Bhagabati

    Kabindra Bhagabati

    ASCO Tata Palliative Care e-Course Faculty

    Dr Kabindra is interested in spreading the message of Palliative care among masses & health care workers of North-Eastern India, where the incidence of cancer is among the highest in India but provision of Palliative care service is very scarce. He has conducted workshops, seminars, trainings in Palliative care in the North-Eastern states and was instrumental in program implementation on Palliative care....

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  • Kyriakos Stylianides

    Kyriakos Stylianides

    ASCO Tata Palliative Care e-Course Faculty

    Dr Kyriakos Stylianides has been practicing palliative care in Cyprus since 2006. His main goal was to make palliative care available for all the patients that they needed it all over Cyprus. He played an important role in establishing a legislation for palliative care in the island. After a lot of effort and many debates he convinced the Ministry of health that palliative care should be part of the national health system and it should be offered to adults and children from the beginning of their diagnosis....

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  • Laura Hallstrom

    Laura Hallstrom

    ASCO Tata Palliative Care e-Course Faculty

    Dr. Hallstrom is an inpatient palliative medicine consultant. She has special interests in late transitions of care from critical care to comfort care, early palliative involvement in devastating traumas, integrating staff wellness into daily practice, and furthering the primary palliative skills of trainee physicians. She enjoys gardening, walking her dog Ruby, dancing, traveling, and serving as a volunteer for Alpha Chi Omega Fraternity....

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  • Mary Wheeler

    Mary S. Wheeler

    ASCO Tata Palliative Care e-Course Faculty

    Mary became involved in supportive care in 2000, designing and implementing a grant funded palliative care program. This led to many years in practice and education for large hospice programs, and a large hospital system. She has travelled extensively with Dr. Ferris, highlighting the skills and interdisciplinary components of the nursing role in palliative and hospice care....

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  • Nandini Vallath

    Nandini Vallath

    ASCO Tata Palliative Care e-Course Faculty

    Dr Nandini Vallath is a palliative care physician, actively involved with clinical, educational and policy reform activities at national level. She is an editor of the 3rd edition of the ‘Oxford Handbook of Palliative Care’ which recently won the 2021 BMA Medical Awards under the ‘Hospital medicine ‘category. As the consultant of palliative care division with the National Cancer Grid- India (NCG), she coordinated the development of the 1st edition of palliative care guidelines for the 210 cancer care ins...

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  • Nicolas Dawidowicz

    Nicolas Dawidowicz

    ASCO Tata Palliative Care e-Course Faculty

    After developing and managing a Palliative Care Team and a County PC Program during 8 years, Dr. Dawidowicz was appointed Head of the National Palliative Care Program, until November 2020. Advancing Palliative Care by assuring opioid availability, Palliative Care Educational Programs, international and local health policy and regulation are his main interests in order to achieve the vision that every patient in any place of the world should be guarantied the right to receive adequate Palliative Care assistan...

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  • Nishkarsh Gupta

    Nishkarsh Gupta

    ASCO Tata Palliative Care e-Course Faculty

    Dr. Nishkarsh Gupta is an anesthesiologist with training in palliative Medicine, He is managing an integrative model of Palliative care with his team for cancer patients at DRBRAIRCH, AIIMS. He is also guiding MD, Palliative Medicine students. He is actively involved in managing palliative care patients from other chronic diseases like COPD, Heart failure, neurological disease, and chronic renal disease. He has interest in teaching and training palliative care essentials to palliative care physicians, neurologist...

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  • Pankaj Singhai

    Pankaj Singhai

    ASCO Tata Palliative Care e-Course Faculty

    Dr Pankaj Singhai is young palliative care physician with keen interest in education and research in field of Early integrated palliative care, Renal supportive care, and End of life care. He is involved in various national and international educational program, Collaborative research, and curriculum development for training in Palliative Medicine. ...

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  • Raghu S Thota

    Raghu S Thota

    ASCO Tata Palliative Care e-Course Faculty

    Dr. Raghu S Thota is particularly interested in Pain management (pharmacological & Interventional), Advanced care planning, Acute palliative management and Research strategies to grow palliative care clinicians and leaders, and advance palliative care globally....

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  • Raghavendra Ramanjulu

    Raghavendra Ramanjulu

    ASCO Tata Palliative Care e-Course Faculty

    Dr. Raghavendra is passionate on improving awareness and acceptance among peers at national level, regarding the integration of palliative medicine. He is enthusiastic at researching and implementing evidence based palliative medicine practice....

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  • Rajam K. Iyer

    Rajam Iyer

    ASCO Tata Palliative Care e-Course Faculty

    Trained as a Pulmonologist, started palliative care training after a personal bereavement. Keenly interested in advocacy of palliative care especially in non-malignant conditions. Has been actively involved in training programmes across India to government doctors, family Physicians, Pulmonologists and Neurologists....

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  • Rutula Sonawane

    Rutula Sonawane

    ASCO Tata Palliative Care e-Course Faculty

    I am interested in research in Palliative Medicine especially in Non-oncology and Pediatric population. A keen interest in making Palliative care assessable these population and improving the Quality of life. ...

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  • Saurabh (Sam) Khurana

    Saurabh (Sam) Khurana

    ASCO Tata Palliative Care e-Course Faculty

    Born and raised in India, I've pursued a career in Medicine in the US for over a decade now. I currently divide my time between working as a Palliative Medicine consultant in the inpatient setting and as a hospice physician working at a hospice house. Areas of interest include Palliative Care in Intensive care and Oncology settings. Outside work, I enjoy swimming, running, hiking, travel and exploring various cuisines....

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  • Shamali Poojary

    Shamali Poojary

    ASCO Tata Palliative Care e-Course Faculty

    Dr Shamali has completed her MD in Palliative Medicine from Tata Memorial Hospital and is currently working as senior resident in a tertiary care centre, providing palliative care to patients with serious illness like Chronic kidney disease, stroke, heart failure....

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  • Simon Hughes

    Simon Hughes

    ASCO Tata Palliative Care e-Course Faculty

    Simon is a Clinical Oncologist specialising in the management of urological malignancies. His research interests focus on tumour motion, the integration of imaging into radiotherapy planning / delivery, and the combination of novel agents with radiotherapy. His other passion is clinical education, where he champions multidisciplinary holistic education, incorporating patient and carer input into curriculum design for healthcare professionals, and the design of interactive digital and blended education programmes ...

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  • Sofia Bunge

    Sofia Bunge

    ASCO Tata Palliative Care e-Course Faculty

    A specialist in Palliative Medicine, Internal Medicine and Geriatrics, Dr. Sofia Bunge is an attending physician in the Palliative Care Unit, Tornú Hospital, Programa Argentino De Medicina Paliativa Fundacion Femeba (PAMP-FF) in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and at the Hospital de Oncología L Fortabat. She is the Director of the “Curso de Postgrado Interdisciplinario en Medicina Palliativa”, PAMP FF, Facultad Latinoamericana de Ciencias Sociales, FLACSO, and the Palliative Care online Courses developed by the PA...

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