ASCO LDP Faculty

  • Ariella Gould 

    Ariella Gould

    ASCO LDP Faculty

    Ariella joined ASCO’s International Affairs Department in September 2021. Having focused on Non-Profit Organizations during her undergraduate in International Studies, she learned the importance of community-based change. During her time interning at Operation Smile, an international non-profit focusing on oral reconstructive surgeries, she gained valuable insight into the real-world applications of non-profit medical mission work. Now Ariella works to support ASCO’s international courses, including the ASCO ...

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  • Frank D. Ferris

    Frank D. Ferris

    PallMed Founder, PCIC LDI & IPMF Principal & Faculty, Ohio Health HPM Fellowship Associate Program Director

    Frank Ferris is known globally as a trailblazer, a visionary, and an innovator in palliative medicine, research, and education. Early during medical training, he recognized the need, joy, and profound satisfaction that came from being closer to patient treatment and outcomes than a radiology oncology career path offered. A chance encounter with a pharmacy rep just days after Frank devoured an issue of The Medical Clinics of North America set in motion a specialty in pain management and education that has transfor...

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  • Herbert Loong

    Herbert Loong

    ASCO LDP Faculty

    I am an academic medical oncologist with a clinical and research interest in oncology drug development, translational therapeutics and medical education. I have completed a Clinical Research Fellowship in Drug Development at the Princess Margaret Cancer Centre in Toronto, Canada and have established a firm interest in clinical development of novel therapeutics, especially pertaining to sarcoma medical oncology, neuro-oncology and thoracic oncology....

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  • Lillian L. Siu

    Lillian L. Siu

    ASCO LDP Faculty

    Dr. Siu’s major research focus is in the area of new anticancer drug development, particularly with respect to phase I trials and head and neck malignancies. She is the Principal Investigator of a phase I cooperative agreement UM1 award sponsored by the United States National Cancer Institute. In addition to her active research in early phase clinical trials, she has been leading genomics initiatives and immuno-oncology trials at the Princess Margaret Cancer Centre....

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  • Martin R. Stockler

    Martin R. Stockler

    ASCO LDP Faculty

    Research interests include the design, execution, analysis and synthesis of cancer clinical trials; the assessment of quality of life and preferences; evidence-based medicine in clinical practice and medical education; patient-doctor communication; prognostication; and, management of genitourinary, lung, gynaecologic, and advanced cancers. The aim of my research has been to improve survival time, quality of life, prognostication, communication and decision-making for people affected by cancer....

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  • Melvin Lee Kiang Chua

    Melvin Lee Kiang Chua

    ASCO LDP Faculty

    Dr. Chua is a Clinician-Scientist, who is supported by the NMRC Clinician-Scientist Award. His research focuses on the development of Ph II-III clinical trials in nasopharyngeal (NPC) and prostate cancers. He also runs a laboratory that is involved in data science and omics analytics that help with therapeutic and biomarker discovery for these cancer types....

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  • Monica Malik

    Monica Malik

    ASCO LDP Faculty

    Dr. Monica is a Radiation Oncologist working at one of the leading University Academic Hospitals in India. Her research focuses on Neuro-oncology, Breast cancer and Palliative care. She is a staunch advocate for incorporation of palliative and supportive care into routine oncological care....

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  • Rebecca Dent

    Rebecca Dent

    ASCO LDP Faculty

    Rebecca Dent is Chair of the Division of Medical Oncology and Senior Consultant at the National Cancer Center Singapore. Dr. Dent received her medical degree from McMaster University in Hamilton, Canada, and her graduate degree in clinical epidemiology and biostatistics from the University of Toronto, Canada. She obtained her internal medicine and medical oncology training at the University of Toronto, Canada (Princess Margaret Hospital and the Sunnybrook Odette Cancer Cancer). Prior to moving to Singapore in 2...

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  • Roselle B. de Guzman

    Roselle B. de Guzman

    ASCO LDP Faculty

    Dr. de Guzman is particularly interested in global oncology, health services research, access to quality care, and health care delivery in resource limited settings. She has been committed to further explore and advance her work and interests through international programs, educational opportunities, research collaborations, and professional development....

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  • Shannon Moore

    Shannon Y. Moore

    LDI Principal, Faculty & Mentor, IPMF Faculty

    Dr. Moore loves sharing her passion for holistic personalized care best exemplified in the practice of Palliative Medicine. She is well supported by training in Internal Medicine, Critical Care Medicine, Tropical Medicine, Spiritual Psychology as well as teaching domestically and globally....

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  • Vanessa Eatorn

    Vanessa Eaton

    ASCO Tata Palliative Care e-Course Staff

    Vanessa has 15 years of experience working with ASCO international programs. Her work has focused on education program development, implementation, evaluation, and assessment, for medical professionals practicing outside of the United States. Educational offerings focus on improving care delivery in palliative care, multidisciplinary cancer management, primary health, as well as clinical research and leadership development....

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